SEFLIN Digitization Project Support

The SEFLIN Digitization Kit is comprised of entry-level equipment suitable for small digitization projects. The Kit includes a multimedia laptop, scanner, digital camera, tripod copystand, and studio lighting. This Kit is available for use by SEFLIN member institutions for small, exploratory, or community digitization activities. Borrowers must request the Kit two weeks prior to their requested start date to ensure proper scheduling. The Kit is for library staff use only, and may not be used by patrons. In the event of damage, loss, or theft of a device, the Borrower is responsible for the replacement cost of the device and necessary accessories. The Kit can be borrowed for up to six weeks at a time. If additional time is required, the Borrower may request a one-time extension of up to two weeks; the extension request must be made by the end of the fifth week of the original borrowing period. No renewals will be allowed at the end of the extension period.

How to Borrow:

Send an email request to with:

  • •  1-paragraph description of your project
  • •  Borrowing request start-date
  • •  Borrowing request end-date
  • •  Contact information for Borrower representative

Kit Inventory:

It includes Scanner, Cameras, Computer, Lightning, and Accessories. You can download the full list here


SEFLIN provides this Kit with the understanding that the Borrower will restrict usage to library staff use only, and will not allow patron use. In the event of damage, loss, or theft of a device, the Borrower bears responsibility for the entire replacement cost of the device and accessories. The Borrower and a SEFLIN representative shall note and confirm the condition of all equipment at the time of delivery and at time of return.

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